Bling Noir By Ajmal Perfumes

R 1,495.00

Capacity : 75 ml

Type : Eau De Parfum

Fragrance Summary:

A luxurious blend of Rose, Spices and impeccable Woody notes that attract you with only a whiff, Bling Noir is a dream wrapped in a scent. An enticing base of Sandalwood and Agarwood burst through the sexiness of Saffron and Cardamom, putting forth Bling Noir an intense explanation of sheer charm. Wrap yourself in a scent that summons an attractive draw like no other. An exceptional, breathtaking scent that radiates a profoundly secretive quality

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Bling Noir By Ajmal Perfumes

After the accomplishment of Bling, we present to you a profoundly serious involvement with Bling Noir. Encompassing you in an atmosphere of enticement, this scent is for the lady of high form and unique style.


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